St. George UT New Homes Offer Pricing For All Budgets

My husband and I had been house hunting for months and just weren't finding anything we liked enough to buy. We were getting really frustrated, and were almost at the point of giving up the search and renting for awhile. Our real estate agent suggested that before we throw in the towel we look at some new homes in St. George UT. We never even considered this option because we figured it would be out of our budget, but when our agent told us the starting base prices we were shocked. We set up a time to look at the St. George UT new homes models. The new homes community that we visited had a few models to see. There was one model that we fell in love with immediately, and the base price was under our budget. Our agent explained that there would most likely be add-ons that we would want, which would bring the price of the home up. But the nice thing was that we had full control over how many add-ons to pursue. After meeting with a specialist from the new homes community and getting an idea of the total price for what we wanted, we decided to put in a contract for the house. Construction has since begun on our new home, and we are so glad our real estate agent suggested the new home route. We can't wait to see the finished product and finally be finished with renting. Share