Two Hardwood Trends That Are Worth Bringing Into Your Home

Remodeling trends can be alluring if you're looking for something new to bring to your home, but some don't always stand the test of time. Materials become dated, concepts go out-of-style, and some remodeling ideas look better on paper than in real life. But hardwood flooring is almost always the exception. 

Hardwood flooring has been valued for centuries by both builders and aesthetic aficionados for its durable, versatile, and beautiful nature. So when it comes to remodeling, there are two hardwood trends that are worth bringing into your home.

Floors to Ceilings

With unparalleled beauty and versatility, reserving hardwoods for flooring seems a shame. So designers and contractors started branching out into hardwood ceilings and walls.

Though having a hardwood room from floor-to-ceiling can be overwhelming, remodeling walls or ceilings with hardwood flooring can be refreshing for a tired design.

Using hardwood flooring on ceilings gives any room warmth and style that's subtle, as it allows you to integrate wood without overwhelming the rest of your design. The same is true of one-wall hardwood installations that offer the opportunity to play with patterns, or provide you with a focal point that you can design your room around.

Recycled and Reused

Hardwood flooring is highly valued due to its rarity and difficulty in manufacturing. Though sustainable hardwood options are quickly replacing exotic hardwoods for materials usage.

Sustainable hardwood options aren't just engineered composites or fast-growing alternatives, recycled and reused materials are gaining ground too. Hardwood flooring can be easily made from everything from old barrels to pallet boards, offering results that are desirable for their unique history and beauty.

Using hardwoods that have had another life as a school or farmhouse, barrel, or ship is a feature that is appreciable for sustainable living, but they can also be manipulated further for a contemporary flair. Hand-scratching and staining can give a modern twist, just like installations that favor presenting deformities and inconsistencies natural to these sustainable materials.

Whether you're interested in remodeling a room or your entire house, bringing hardwood into the equation will increase the curb appeal of your home and give you an option that can often be renewed and restored over time. A solid investment, hardwood flooring is a choice material for any homeowner that wants remodeling material that's beautiful and will last. There are always new applications and techniques to bringing out the richness in hardwoods, so considering these two trends for your next remodeling project will ensure that you get a result that can be appreciated for life. Contact professionals, such as those from Upchurch's Hardwood Installation Refinish & Repair, for further information.