Simple Strategies To Extend Living Space In Small Dwellings

There are some creative strategies that can be implemented in small dwellings to extend living space, and open up more room for entertaining, lounging, and living! Some of these tactics integrate the outside for significant space to move around, which is a viable option in mild climates. Below are six simple strategies for more enjoying more space in your small home:


Awnings are a fantastic way to meld the indoors with the outdoors, and to provide shelter for entertaining, lounging, or working outside. Awnings can be attached to the exterior walls, windows, or doors of the home to provide a secure and temporary overhead for extended living space in any home. Another benefit is that awnings can reduce energy costs, keeping the home cooler during summer and warmer in winter.

Patios and decks

If you live in a small home, a patio or deck is a must. These solid surfaces provide the perfect foundation for outdoor furnishings, fire-pits, or features. These truly stretch out the space of the home's interiors, giving you ample room to entertain and host guests.


Pergolas are found in some inexpensive styles, including plastic or wood. These can be quickly constructed to provide the framework of the pergola, and the rest is up to you! You can screen, cover, or curtain the beams of the pergola to create a distinctive structure that is perfect for outdoor recreation.


Create the perfect conversation area outside your home with a pond-kit. These easy-to-install water features provide a central theme and focal point for a yard, and are ideal for positioning furniture and seating nearby. Guests will want to come and lounge by the pond for a relaxing place to gather and engage.

Levels and lofts

When the inside of your home is tight, you may need to think a bit outside the box to find more space. A great way to achieve this is with levels and lofts that don't reduce the floor-space available in the home, but that pull out or reveal another vertical level to the home which increases the overall square-footage.

Overhead storage

Storage can be an issue in a smaller home, and items that are tucked away and stored can be robbing you of valuable living space. Consider overhead storage options, including high cabinetry, shelving, and lofts, that can be used to stow totes, baskets, and boxes, and that will reduce the clutter taking up room in your home.

If the weather permits, entertaining outside makes the most sense when you live in a smaller home. Other tactics may increase the potential of your dwelling's interiors, providing more storage, seating, and space when needed.