Selecting Design Elements For A Satisfying Patio Entertaining Experience

The outdoor patio area is a sometimes neglected or under-utilized area of the home. However, a patio can be a place to soak in the sunshine, have guests over for meals on warm days, and let time drift by with loved ones or pets. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your outdoor patio entertaining elements:

Thoughtful Seating, Tables, and Shade

You and your guests will likely gravitate towards comfortable seating on the patio to enjoy leisure time. Many people also prefer some areas of shade, especially on hot, sunny days. Options for seating and tables on the patio include:

  •     Weather-resistant sofas, chairs, and tables with a wicker effect 
  •     Metal chairs with weather-resistant cushions and matching tables
  •     Wood benches, chairs, and tables for a more understated, serene look
  •     Umbrellas to go with tables or patio awnings
  •     Outdoor chaise lounges
  •     Hammocks

Plants for Adding Natural Flair

Beautiful patios often feature carefully-curated potted plants or nurtured gardens for a lush, vibrant effect. Try to choose plants that are suitable for the amount of light and shade your patio area typically receives. It also helps to research the hardiness of plants so that they last through the season. You may select flowers and plants based on colors, such as a cool color scheme of purples and blues, or a warm color scheme or reds, oranges, and yellows.

A Mouth-Watering Bar and Grill Set-Up

If you enjoy entertaining guests, it may be a good idea to invest in a high-quality bar and grill on your patio. You may want to consider:

  •     A serving bar that is freestanding or part of the patio design
  •     A high-end gas grill with many cooking features
  •     Outdoor refrigerators and wine coolers

Entryways that Match the Decor of Your Patio

The entryway can set the tone for the patio. Elegant doors, such as french patio doors, can create a grand entrance. Many french patio doors feature windows that let in lots of light from the outdoors to the interior of your home. If you prefer a more casual entrance, a sliding door can be a convenient option. Various sliding doors feature screens and blinds for privacy. You can discuss your options with a door installation company, like Fas Windows and Doors.

With so many choices for designing a gorgeous patio, you want to create mood boards with printed magazine or online patio photos to refine your decor ideas. In addition, the assistance of a decorator can be an excellent resource for creating a beautiful outdoor patio. Remember to enjoy the process of decorating and furnishing your patio, so that you can enjoy it on sunny days with wonderful guests.