Three Siding Materials To Use As An Alternative To Conventional Siding On Your Home Renovations

If you have a home with siding, it will require regular maintenance and up keep. Some materials like wood may even need to eventually be replaced. If you need to have new siding installed on your home, you may not want to use conventional siding products. There are alternatives available, such as exterior veneers, composite siding materials and panel siding systems. If you want to have an alternative to conventional siding, here are three options that you may want to consider for new siding on your home:

1. Exterior Veneers Installed Over Old Siding

Many homes that have a design with siding do not have space for adding things like brick and masonry. This problem can be solved by using siding veneers, which can give your home the façade of masonry, without taking from eaves or requiring extensive renovations to the structure. These systems come in many different styles, and are installed like many conventional siding products. If you want a different look for the exterior of your home, exterior veneers can give you many different options, including masonry.

2. Composite Siding Materials For A Green Siding Solution

Composite siding materials come in many different forms and styles. They can look like shakes and conventional siding. You can also get materials that have the look of tropical woods and other materials for a siding design that has a unique look. These products can be materials like composite decking, which are made of recycled plastics and sawdust waste from wood and paper manufacturing.

3. Contemporary Designs With Exterior Siding Panels

If you want to have siding with a contemporary look, there are panel siding products that will give you clean square lines. These products are available in a variety of different materials, such as cement fiberboard siding, metal and even treated wood products. The fiberboard will last many years without aging, while raw metal and wood products can give your siding an aged look over time.  Metal can also be powder-coated to reduce aging and make it last longer, and not need to be painted. Cement fiberboard and wood will require regular painting and sealing to protect them.

These are some of the alternative products that you can have added to your home for a look that is different from conventional siding products. If you need help deciding the material that is best for your home and getting it installed, contact a professional remodeling contractor to get the help you need.