Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding: A Homeowner's Guide

Vinyl siding is one of the easiest siding materials to clean and maintain. While some cleaning is occasionally necessary to keep your siding looking its best, most dirt and other substances are easy to remove using tools and products found around the house. To keep your home's vinyl siding clean, follow these tips. 

General Cleaning

Use a stiff bristled, long handled brush to wipe down your siding. Avoid using steel brushes, as flecks of steel can become lodged in the siding and may eventually stain the siding with rust. Dip the brush in warm water mixed with a mild detergent.

As you clean, pay close attention to the areas where your house meets the ground, as these areas often become stained with mud and dirt. After you've finished scrubbing, use a hose to rinse of the soap and dirty water from the siding. Rinse the siding before the soapy water has a chance to dry. 

Mold and Mildew

Mold, mildew, fungus or moss may start to grow on the parts of your siding that are frequently in shade. This is especially true in damp, cool climates. To remove mold and mildew from your home's vinyl siding, there are multiple different household products you may use. 

  • Bleach. Mix a combination of bleach and water (one part bleach to five parts water) and use this solution to scrub down the the siding with a stiff scrub brush. Rinse the siding with spray from a hose when you're done. 
  • Vinegar. In cases where mold or mildew is not terribly widespread, a simple solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water will be adequate to remove the stains. Use a stiff brush to scrub away the mildew. 

If using bleach to clean your siding, homeowners with delicate landscaping in the area may want to use oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach has all the power of standard bleach, but will not kill plants. 

Paint Removal

Sometimes your vinyl siding may become splattered with paint as you touch up the trim around your house. To remove dried paint from your siding, use a mild detergent and a nylon scrub brush to scrub the siding. For larger, tougher paint stains, rent a power washer from a local home improvement center. A power washer should be able to remove the paint without damaging your siding. 

For more tips, speak with a certified vinyl siding installer in your area, such as Don Snider Roofing. He or she will know a variety of ways to clean and maintain your vinyl siding.