How To Clean And Seal Travertine

The internet is full of DIY floor cleaning solutions that range from vinegar, to club soda, to kerosene. However, if you have travertine, you should not put your floor at risk with these solutions. It is best to use an actual tile cleaner and then apply a sealant. This article will explain how to clean and seal travertine tiles and grout.

Pre-Cleaning the Floor

Before you apply any tile cleaning solution to your floor you want to give your floor the basic cleaning. For this you can use and mop and hot water. Do not use any chemicals, because they could reduce the effectiveness of the actual tile cleaning product. The main point of this step is to remove any stains or gunk built up on the surface. Most commonly, stains will come right off travertine but it can be very difficult to remove them from the grout lines. Removing the stain from the grout lines might require scrubbing with a small brush for toothbrush.

After the pre-cleaning, you want to wait for the floor to dry before you apply any tile cleaner. There are many different types of tile cleaners to choose from. You can buy it in spray bottle form, but this is not ideal if you are cleaning an entire room at once. The spray bottles are only good for spot removal, but is a good idea to always have one on hand. Look for a quart or gallon of solution that you just have to add water to. Some people make the mistake of not adding water and they just pour the solution directly onto the floor. This is dangerous because the concentrated solution can deteriorate to the tile enamel.

There are also tile cleaners that have sealant mixed in. These seem to be less effective than applying a separate cleaner and sealant. When applying cleaner, you usually need to wait for it to soak in for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on the bottle. Then, you need to wipe away all of the cleaner and wait for the floor to dry. While you're waiting for the floor to completely dry, you might need to do some spot cleaning with a brush.

Sealing the Floor

The final step is to seal your travertine floor. This is very important because, if your floor is properly sealed, you will not need to invest so much time and money to clean it in the future. It is best to seal your floor as soon as the cleaner dries. You might want to wait overnight just to ensure that the grout is completely dried. While you're waiting for the floor to dry, try to stay out of the room so you do not spread dirt and have to clean it again before you seal it. The sealant goes on very easily. Simply spread it around, let it soak in and wipe it away. Apply 2 or 3 coats for some extra protection. Your travertine will last much longer if it is properly sealed after a thorough cleaning. Click here for more information on travertine tile cleaning.