Troubleshooting A Garage Door That Won't Open

You're sitting in your car in the driveway and can't get the garage door to go up. Is it the remote control, the garage door opener, or the garage door itself? Here are the steps to determine what the likely problem is before you call the garage door repair company. If lucky, the problem may be something you can fix yourself:

Problems with the Remote Control

1. Take the remote control with you and go into the garage through the house. First, try the button inside the garage door that opens the door. If the garage door opens, your remote may need new batteries. If that doesn't work, you may have a defective remote control.

2. If the garage door opener makes no sound when you try the switch on the door and your remote control, there may be a problem with the opener and motor. If the opener makes a noise as if it is trying to open the garage door, but does not open the door, the problem may be with the garage door itself.

Problems with the Garage Door Opener

1. If you get no response from the garage door opener when using the switch on the door, find the electrical circuit box and check that the breaker is on for the garage. If it is off, turn it back on and try the garage door again.

2. Get a ladder or step stool and check the back of the garage door opener for a reset button. If a reset button exists, push it to reset the motor's electrical circuit. If no button exists, unplug the motor from the electrical outlet, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. Try the garage door opener again.

3. If you still get no response from the opener, it has likely failed. If you replace the motor with the same size and model, you can replace the unit yourself. If it is an older model, or you're uncomfortable with this project, have a garage door company put in a new opener for you.

Problems with the Garage Door

1. If you get a response from the garage door opener but it doesn't open the door, there  is something wrong with the garage door mechanism itself. You can look for a problem, but should leave the repairs to the garage door repair company. This mechanism is a complicated set of springs, cables and pulleys that can be dangerous to work with.

2. First look up near the ceiling for the two large coil springs. One end of each spring attaches to the ceiling and the other end to a pulley. If one or both of the springs are broken, the door won't open.

3. Look for a cable attached to the bottom of the door, on both sides, that runs up toward the ceiling, through a pulley and  over to the springs. If one or both cables are broken or have become disconnected, the door won't open.

4. Garage doors have a number of rollers attached to both edges which travel in metal channels to guide the door up and over the garage. If any of the rollers have come out of the channel, the door may be jammed so that it won't raise.

These are all garage door problems that you can't repair yourself, but you can give the garage door repair company a heads-up as to what you discovered when you looked over all of the components. To learn more, contact a company like Virginia Door Inc. with any questions you have.