How To Save Your Child's Toys From Drowning - Toilet Unclogging Tips

If you have a small child, you will at one point in your life need to deal with a clogged toilet. Whether they overfill it with toilet paper or throw an action figure inside to take a swim, there will be a need for unclogging in your future. Read over the following tips and keep them in mind for that day when your child comes out of the bathroom informing you that the toilet won't flush right.

Turn Off The Water

Before you start your rescue, turn the water supply off so that you do not risk having the bowl contents overflow when you flush. This will keep the water from filling up in the tank, allowing you to work without worry. To turn off the water, turn the valve on the wall behind your toilet to the right. 

Try To Plunge

Most parents will keep a plunger in their bathroom closet for this very reason. If you have never had to use yours before, it is not that difficult. Place the rubber flange over the hole in the toilet bowl and press down to form a seal around the opening. Use some force and push down and then pull back up very quickly without releasing the seal.

Do this movement three or four times, pushing up and down, to help dislodge the toy or wad of toilet paper from the hole. Release the seal by pulling the plunger from the porcelain. Check to see if the toy is floating in the water and rescue, if possible.

Slide In A Snake

A plumber's snake is another useful tool to keep around to help dislodge things from toilets and sink drains. If you do not have one in your home, you can get one from your local hardware or home goods store. The end of the metal snake is pointed toward the hole, and then you unwind it so that it slithers through the hole from above. Wiggle it around a little as you unwind it from its reel to help dislodge any material in the exit hole. Wind the snake back on the reel after you dislodge the toy or toilet paper from the hole.

Call For Back Up

Do not use chemicals or drain cleaners to try to break down the material clogging your toilet, as they can ruin the piping down below. It is better to call in a professional plumbing service if you are sure there is a toy clogging the way. If you are only dealing with toilet paper, you can try using a bowl full of hot water to force the contents down the pipes. The heat will help disintegrate the paper and the force of the water hitting the water in the bowl will help to push the material down.