Kitchen Habits That Are Destroying Your Sink

The kitchen sink becoming clogged makes it hard to cook, wash dishes, and a host of other activities. The main reasons that kitchen sinks breakdown is due to food buildup and other habits that can clog the sinks plumbing. Here are some of the bad habits that you need to stop in order to reclaim your sinks health.

Allowing grease down the drain

Some people pour cooking grease and oil directly down the drain, while others will wash the oil away from the pans during dish time. Both of these actions will wreak havoc on your kitchen drains. Cooking oil and the food residue create the perfect storm by sticking to your pipes. Instead of pouring any oil into the sink, drain the oil from all pans and clean the pan with a napkin to clean up all other residue before washing. Oil can be placed into its own bottle and disposed of responsibly when done. If you have been allowing grease to go down the drain and the drain is clogged, allow drain cleaning services, like Gold Seal Plumbing, to clear up the issue in order to give your pipes a fresh start.

Coffee grinds in the sink

Mornings are made for coffee. Many people are not at their best before they have their daily caffeine, and some make mistakes, like washing old coffee grinds down the sink in order to make a fresh pot of coffee. Coffee grind particles will stay inside of the sink and form a sludge once built up. This will necessitate a drain cleaning service to clear out. Instead, toss the grinds in the garbage, or create a beauty treatment with the leftover caffeine.

Draining flour in any way

Whether you have leftover flour from baking or if you made a bit of a mess with the flour sack, you need to dispose of all flour in a different method than the sink. Flour is one of the worst offenders for kitchen sink drains because the flour will make a paste very quickly while in the drains. Sweep up any flour into the trash can, and be sure not to dump any excess cooking flour down the sink if it was not needed while cooking.

Stringy fruits and vegetables on disposals

Fruits and vegetables are excellent inside of your body, but horrible for a drain. Foods such as asparagus and celery are more difficult for the sink disposal to chop, as they tend to wrap around the base of disposal blades. This causes the disposal to work less effectively and can cause the sink to clog. Instead, dispose of vegetables in a compost pile that can actually help your garden.