Important Commercial Roofing Considerations

Have you been looking for a new pre-built location for your business, but you're now considering simply having one constructed just for you by a company like Bell Roof Co? Have you decided what sort of roofing materials that your new building will use? Because it keeps out the rain and other precipitation, your building's roof is extremely important. Here are some things you should know about commercial roofing:

The roof may need to be sloped: If you like the look of flat commercial roofing, you may still need to consider a slight slope in order to allow for water drainage. When you are in a relatively hot and dry area where water evaporates relatively quickly, drainage is not usually necessary. However, if you are in an area where it often rains for a week or more at a time, your roof will need to be installed with a slight slope to promote drainage. If your roof is to have a large surface area, you may even need to have sump pumps installed where the water pools in order to make sure that it is thoroughly removed.

A roof should be inspected multiple times per year: If this is the first commercial building that you've owned or maintained, you may not be aware of how often commercial roofing should be inspected. You should arrange for at least one major inspection every year, with minor roof inspections after any large storm. A severe storm can cause damage that isn't immediately visible to the average person, such as lifting up some of your roofing materials. Once the storm is over, the materials may fall back into place and appear normal. But an experienced professional will be able to easily spot the damage and recommend repairs. Since damage could cause massive leaks or even lead to a roof collapse the next time a storm rolls in, it's extremely important to have your roof inspected and repaired as soon as possible. 

Roofing choices can save you money: When considering what commercial roofing materials to use, you should also think about installing a daylighting, or skylighting, system. Having these installed while your building is under construction will be less expensive than having them installed later. Because these systems use natural sunlight to make the interior brighter, you'll use much less electricity for lighting in the long run. In addition, if your building is located in a hot desert area, a semi-reflective white roofing material may keep your building cooler and lower your cooling costs.