4 Benefits Of Using Fiber Cement Siding To Protect Your Home's Exterior

Many homeowners like to do other things on the weekends besides working on their homes to get them ready for winter while the weather is still nice. Fiber cement siding is a product that can help you free up your time to enjoy other things like talking walks in the autumn and watching kids play soccer and football. Here are 4 benefits of using fiber cement siding over other traditional forms of siding.

Long Lasting

Fiber cement siding is made of wood pulp, fly ash, Portland cement, and water. The mixture forms a hard surfaced product that can withstand the ravages of nature during the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The siding is impervious to water and won't absorb moisture during the wet times of the year. You won't have to work on scrapping, caulking, and painting every few years like you do with wood siding that is deteriorating due to moisture problems.

Also, fiber cement siding won't get as easily damaged as vinyl and tin siding by kids playing in the yard.

Fire Protection

The fiber material is not as combustible as other siding materials. This is especially important if you live in areas that are often threatened by wildfires. Burning embers being blown by a wildfire's winds are the primary cause of a fire spreading into residential areas, and the fiber cement can help to repel those burning embers if they reach your neighborhood.

The fiber cement siding can also provide an extra level of protection if a home next door to you catches on fire. Heat radiating from a burning house can spread to a home next door and cause the siding to start on fire – fiber cement siding repels this heat as well.

Recyclable Materials

Wood pulp can be harvested from construction waste. Instead of throwing pieces of wood and lumber into landfills after building houses and businesses, the wood can be taken to pulp mill factories and ground down into the wood pulp needed to make fiber cement siding. This cuts down on waste and conserves space in landfills.


Fiber cement siding can be manufactured in many different styles and colors to fit your home. You can get siding that looks like brick or natural wood to spice up the outside of your home. You are not limited to a one-dimensional appearance like vinyl siding provides.

If you're looking to get away from the constant maintenance chores to keep your house looking beautiful while getting extra protection against the elements and catastrophic events, you should look into using fiber cement siding to cover the exterior of your home.

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