Creative Options In Vinyl Siding For Your Home

If you're avoiding vinyl siding because you think it only comes in boring white or light-colored shades, you should know that isn't true any longer. Vinyl siding has come a long way. Today it is available in many colors and textures. Here are some of the options you may want to consider.

Artsy Colors

If you want to create a chic cottage look, you can have colorful siding installed. You might want to choose berry, blue, or dark yellow. Combine the siding with colorful shutters and you'll have a very unique look. One concern you may have is that you'll get tired of a bold color. If you think that will happen, be sure you buy vinyl siding that can be painted. Not all brands can be painted, and painting the siding may even void the warranty. That's why you want to check it out before you buy. If the siding manufacturer approves painting, you'll be able to change the color of your home any time you want.

Wood And Stone Look-Alikes

Another option is to buy vinyl siding that mimics the look of wood or stone. These are very realistic looking because the colors look like natural materials and the textures look natural too. You can buy siding that looks like rough shakes, which would be ideal for a cabin in the country. You'll get the appearance of wood without the worry of insect damage and rot. This type of vinyl looks like natural wood because of the textures that are applied during the manufacturing process. The color that's added can look like natural or painted wood. The advantage is that the paint will never peel or chip because color pigments are added when the siding is manufactured, so it is embedded in the vinyl.

Decorative Siding

Decorative vinyl siding is made with unique shapes such as rounded scallops and square shakes that look like individual shingles or tiles. In reality, the shapes are fashioned onto planks of siding, and the siding is installed the usual way. However, once the siding is in place, the visual effect adds an interesting touch to your home. You can recreate the historic look of a seaside cottage while enjoying the convenience of vinyl siding that requires very little maintenance.

If you need to replace the siding on your home, you should look into the vinyl options available. You'll have a lot of freedom in choosing the perfect look for your home, even if you're happy with plain white. However, if you're looking for pizzazz, then vinyl is a good place to start. Visit New Jersey Siding & Windows Inc for more options.