Roof Leaking? Three Things You Should Do While Waiting For Help to Arrive

Water damage is no joke. If left unchecked, the water from a leaking roof can damage your home, costing you thousands. For this reason, you should always try to minimize the amount of water damage you sustain. Since it may take several hours or days for a roofer to arrive, it's up to you to keep your home safe until they get there. Following are three things you should do while waiting for help to arrive.

Give Water an Escape Route

The water that comes into your home because of a roof leak is trying to find the quickest and most convenient way down. Unfortunately, water can take a meandering tour through your attic, ceiling and walls, which maximizes the amount of water damage you will sustain. You may see water coming from your ceiling fan, light fixture or heating vent. It may also break through the ceiling in several spots. The key to minimizing damage is to give the water a quick and convenient escape route so that it doesn't meander so much. To do so, simply puncture a hole in the ceiling where the most water is congregating and place a bucket under it.  

Locate the Point of Entry

If at all possible, locate the point of entry or the place where the roof is leaking. You can do so by inspecting your attic and tracing the path of the water backwards. Keep in mind that water generally comes through the ceiling in a location that is not directly under the leak, so it may take some detective work. You can also inspect your roof to look for possible points of entry. Look for raised or missing shingles and missing or damaged flashing at entry points, such as the chimney and vent. 

Perform a Quick Fix

Once you find the point of entry, you can perform a quick fix until help arrives. One of the easiest ways to minimize damage is to place a tarp on the roof over the affected area. If you choose to go this route, make sure the tarp is much larger than the leak and hold it in place with loose lumber or bricks. Do not nail it to your roof. If you can't get to your roof, you can stop water from the inside by applying roofing tape to the underside of your roof decking, located in your attic. Apply a liberal amount of tape in the area where the leak is occurring until you notice that the flow of water has stopped.

As you can see, there are several things you can do to save your home while waiting for help to arrive. Do not sit idle and let a leaking roof destroy your home. Do all you can to minimize water damage and keep your repair costs low. It's also important that you call a professional right away, such as Golden Spike Roofing Inc., to fix the leak before it gets worse or causes more damage.