A Few Simple Maintenance Tips To Help Avoid Major Plumbing Services

Keeping the water flowing in and the wastewater flowing out of your home is important to the heath of the people in the house. It also keeps your plumbing system in good repair by not having big clogs that can cause pipes to rupture or drips that can erode. Since you use the water daily, a small problem, such as a drain that is a bit slower than normal, or a faucet that is a bit hard to shut off are not always noticed. To keep everything flowing the way it should, routine inspections and maintenance are required. Here are a few things to look for and correct as soon as you notice them.

Slow Draining

Any time the water does not flow directly down the drain, it is the start of a problem. Once a week run hot water down the drain and watch it. If the water backs up into the sink or tub, it is time to clean it. This can be done with baking soda and vinegar, or a commercial drain cleaner designed for your type of pipes. To help prevent further problems, make sure each drain is fitted with a strainer. The strainer should be checked and cleaned after each use, or daily.

Leaking Faucets

When it takes more and more strength to turn the water off without a leak, it is time to do a bit of maintenance. First, turn the water off to the faucet. Next, you need to disassemble it, including the handles for turning the water on and off. Look over the parts and clean them with a household cleaner that can remove grease. If a part looks damaged, such as a bent or broken washer, replace it. Reassemble the unit, turn the water on and let it flow for a couple of seconds. Turn the faucet off. Do not turn the handle tightly, only turn until the handle feels snug. Check for a drip. If the unit keeps dripping, you may need to buy a new one. To help prevent a dripping faucet, teach everyone in the house to not overtighten the handles; if you are turning it past the snug point, you can damage the washers that seal the faucet head.

The longer you go without performing these simple tasks, the more damage occurs. A clogged drain can end up breaking pipe connections in your walls and damaging drywall and tiles. It can also allow for the backup of sewage into your home. A constantly dripping faucet means a higher water bill, and can cause damage to the sink or tub. If you are unsure of how to correct a problem, or it has grown beyond your capabilities, a professional plumber should (like Towers-Murray Plumbing Co Inc) be contacted to keep you from accidentally causing more damage to the situation.