4 Air Conditioning Maintenance Repairs To Do To Prepare For Spring

With the spring months coming soon, there are probably a lot of maintenance chores that you need to get done around your home. This can include preparing your AC for the heat of summer. You may need to remove weatherization that you did in fall and change the filter. It may also be a good time to have your system serviced before you need cooling. Here are some of the air conditioning maintenance chores that you will want to get done before summer arrives:

1. Check Your Filter And Do The Needed Maintenance

One of the first things that need to be done to your AC when spring arrives is checking the filter. Many newer systems have a HEPA type filter, which can be cleaned with a garden hose and returned to the system. You will want to let the filter completely dry in the sun before you reinstall it to prevent problems with mold and mildew. If you have a disposable filter, it is time to change it and stalk up on filters for the months ahead.

2. Inspect The Exterior Unit And Do The Spring Cleaning It Needs

The exterior unit of your system contains the coil, drain lines and other elements. Spring is a great time to clean the condensing coils and make sure that there are not problems. You will also want to check the condensation drain line for debris and clean it out to make sure that it is draining properly.

3. Check And Make Necessary Changes To The Thermostat Of Your System

Modern HVAC systems also have digital thermostats, which can help to make them more efficient. Some of these are also programmable. Now, it is a good time to make sure the settings on your thermostat are correct for the season. You may also want to check connections or batteries if your thermostat is powered by batteries.

4. Review Your System For Problems And Repair Needs That Require A Professional

When you have done all the common maintenance tasks, you will also want to inspect your system for problems. This can be things like broken lines, freezing problems and loose wiring connections. Many of these problems can be easily repaired, but it is best to contact a professional HVAC contractor to get help with these repairs and make sure your system is working correctly before summer arrives.

These are some of the air conditioning maintenance chores that you will want to get done before summer is here. If you need help with your spring cleaning maintenance projects, contact an HVAC service to help prepare your AC for the next heatwave.