Keeping Fleet Vehicle Drivers On Track With Green Driving Practices

If you own a fleet service, tracking your employees on the roadways and making sure customers receive their goods are probably at the top of your concerns. While your drivers are making deliveries, they are contributing to the emissions and pollution present in the air. Since your company handles a large number of vehicles, doing your best to reduce pollution contributing factors is best for the environment. Here are some tips to give to your fleet drivers in an attempt to have them drive as green as possible while out on fleet jobs.

Be Aware Of Emissions Amounts

Each vehicle you have on the roadway will be releasing exhaust into the air. Knowing how much of a carbon footprint one leaves behind can be a real eye-opener when it comes to a driving position. Research the make and model of each employee's vehicle to find out the estimated emission output. If you find a few that seem high, encourage those drivers to consider swapping vehicles with a more environmentally friendly brand. Smart Way vehicles are those that have certification that they are within the top five percent of vehicles with the lowest emission. Purchasing a vehicle with the Smart Way certification will help keep pollution at a minimum.

Schedule With Mileage In Mind

When your drivers are scheduled for jobs, do research in making sure each employee is taking the shortest route to their destination. When there are several drivers on the road and a job comes up quickly, make sure the closest employee is used to visit the new customer so less pollution is released into the air. Having a GPS system installed in each vehicle will help dispatchers find the best solution to keeping mileage at a minimum.

Offer Incentives For Green Driving

If an employee decides to exchange their present vehicle for one with a lower emissions output, give them a reward in the form of a monetary bonus, extra time off of work, or a physical gift such as concert tickets or a day at a spa. Showing your appreciation for their dedication in reducing emissions will be sure to have others follow suit as well. On the flip side, make driving a large vehicle that emits a lot of pollution less favorable by having no pay increases or bonuses until an upgrade is obtained. Keep employees on track by documenting all gasoline purchases and mileage and give a prize to those who are most conservative with their fuel usage.