Options, Options, Options: What Your Choices Are When Looking At Rotary Screw Compressors For Sale

If your only rotary screw compressor just kicked the bucket, you are probably in the market for a new one. As you begin your search for rotary screw compressors for sale, you may be quite surprised at just how many different options and compressors are available in this category. Here is a sampling for you to choose from when you are trying to track down your next compressor, and why the options you choose could determine what you accomplish with this tool.

Tank Size

Bigger is not always better, unless it is an air compressor tank. The more compressed air the tank holds, the more you can accomplish in a day. Even more astonishing is the tankless compressors, which produce quite a bit of pressurized air on demand. However, with regards to size and use, you may still prefer a traditional rotary screw compressor with a tank because they are more portable. You can purchase a compressor with a 53-, 60-, 80-, or 120-pound PSI tank, or if you do not mind your tankless remaining stationary (or mounted to a flatbed truck), you can get a greater PSI of 150 or above. 


Rotary screw compressors come in three styles:

  • Three-phase
  • Single-phase
  • Variable speed

The single-phase style of rotary screw compressors is your most basic; it only has a single wire power source with no backup. Three-phase styles of these compressors have more than one live wire/method of providing power to the system to help it function, which means you could have fewer break-downs and less down time. Variable speed means the compressor can switch and move between power sources and methods of power delivery. The first two can get most construction jobs and industrial/manufacturing jobs done, while the final style of machine (variable speed) provides you with a control dial that allows you to crank up the power/energy distribution when you need more of it.


Voltage is another important factor in how you use your rotary screw compressor and how you are able to power it. Most of the compressors with less power and a tank are the ones used on construction sites because they will not burn out a generator as quickly. The ones with higher voltage needs are best used in shops and factories where there is sufficient power to keep these machines (and everything else!) running. The voltage options run the gamut from 230-volt-single phase (most basic) to the 208-230-460 variable speed voltage requirements.

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