What Traits Should I Look For In A Land Surveyor?

You may only need to hire a land surveyor a few times in your life, so knowing what to look for in a good land surveyor may not come naturally. Here are some signs that you've found a great land surveying company. 

They Can Provide a Reasonable Quote

Cost may be one of the first factors that you look at. When you're comparing land survey quotes, be sure that you're comparing against a standard set of services. Different land surveyors will base their initial service fees on a different set of deliverables. You don't want to find out later that the company you thought was a great deal has many separate add-ons for use of equipment or additional documents. 

They Have Knowledge in Your Field

Land surveying companies can specialize in many different fields. They may be used to doing work in real estate by mapping out the properties of a piece of real estate for their clients. Some land surveyors are focused in geographical surveys and mapping. Other land surveyors specialize in biological field work. You should make sure that your land surveyor has an interest in your field and can help you do the specialized tasks that you require. 

They Offer the Services You Need

Land surveys encompass a lot of different services. If you are working in real estate, you'll probably need your land surveyor to provide a map of your land with the significant features marked. They should have legal certification as a land surveyor so that the can provide you with the appropriate legal documents to protect your property. As an example, elevation mapping may sometimes be necessary if you are in certain regions of the country. And if you've never had a land survey done on the property before, utility mapping can be appropriate for the property to show where underground power lines and water reserves lie on the property. Speak with your land surveying specialist about the depth of services you require and make sure that they can handle the full spectrum of tasks.

They Use Appropriate Techniques

The techniques and equipment you need will depend on the level of accuracy you require. For personal uses, it may be fine to have a land surveyor, like Crest Engineering Associates, go out and do manual surveys of the terrain. If you need a high level of specificity, then Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) may be most appropriate for your job.