Tips To Give Your Outdated Fireplace A Makeover

Fireplaces can add beauty to your home, in addition to adding warmth on cold days/nights. If you live in an older home, chances are your fireplace may be a little less beautiful and a little more outdated. It probably has ugly black/brown/orange bricks, a gold or brass colored firebox door, and may even lack a mantle. Some older fireplaces may even take up most of the wall, so it may feel like more of an eyesore than a beautiful focal point. Don't grab your sledgehammer just yet though, that old fireplace can be updated to look more modern. See below for tips to bring that old fireplace into this century.

Whitewash The Brick

Start with the brick and whitewash it using a mixture of two parts white paint and one part water. Use a paintbrush and several rags to brush on the paint and then wipe off the excess using the old rags. This process paints over the unsightly brick, while allowing some of the color to show through. For less coverage, add more water to the paint. For more coverage, add more paint to the mixture. You can also use gray paint instead of white for a different look. 

Paint Over The Firebox

Get rid of the ugly brass/gold color of the firebox by painting it with high heat spray paint. This job can get pretty messy, so be sure to use plastic covering on everything to help prevent over-spray. Tape off your brick and cover it with plastic to prevent over-spray on this area as well. Be sure to clean the firebox thoroughly to get rid of dirt, dust, and soot. You need a clean surface so the spray paint has something to adhere to. Spray the firebox using a more modern color such as oil rubbed bronze or black. Allow the first coating to dry, then apply a second coating. Be sure to wear gloves, a respirator, safety glasses, and old clothing when painting with spray paint in a confined space.

Add A Mantle

Help break up the brick on your fireplace by adding a beautiful mantle. You can purchase a mantle that can adhere to your brick, or you can use an old piece of barnwood for a conversational piece. You can also make a mantle using wood, molding, and trim to create a one of a kind piece.

Other Tips

  • Use your mantle as a place for your decor. Change up your decor with each season or holiday. Use the base of your fireplace as a place for decor as well.
  • Break up all of that brick on your fireplace by adding decorative tile around the firebox, or shiplap wood above the mantle.
  • Cover the brick with airstone if you don't like the look of the brick (even painted). You can find airstone at your local hardware store and is very easy to install.

Don't take out the old fireplace just yet. Give it a nice remodel instead using paint and some decorative touches. For more information or assistance, visit websites like