Learn What To Expect When Having A Handicap Ramp Created Outside Of Your Business

When you have a business, you need to be sure that there are access ramps available for any handicapped individuals that need to enter or leave your establishment. The ramps can be made from many different items including wood, asphalt, or concrete. It is often best to choose to have the ramps made from asphalt because it is so durable, very affordable, and long lasting. The guide below walks you through the process that the asphalt company will take to create the ramp, so that you are prepared for what to expect when the ramp creation begins.

The Area Will Need to be Blocked Off

The area where the ramp will be created will need to be blocked off. You do not want any of your customers to get hurt by the equipment, step on hot asphalt, or simply step off the curb without realizing there is a drop. You can block off the area with warning tape or using traffic cones and signs.

They Will Create a Frame for the Ramp

Next, the paving contractors will create a frame for the ramp. You do not want the ramp to be too large or too long, so creating a frame will ensure that the asphalt goes exactly where it is supposed to go and nowhere else. The frame allows the asphalt to meet the side of the sidewalk of your business with ease. Once the asphalt meets the side of the sidewalk, more will be added and will be spread to create an incline that wheelchair users can use.

They Will Create Edges for the Ramp

After the majority of the ramp has been made, the contractors will remove the frame and add more asphalt to the sides of the ramp. They will then use special tools to spread and smooth the new asphalt so that it creates smooth, rounded edges on the side of the ramp so that someone can come up and down the ramp from any angle smoothly.

The Ramp Can Be Painted

Once the ramp is complete, you may want to have the contractors paint around the edges of the ramp to make it very noticeable to people who may need to use it. A wheelchair can be painted on it or you can simply have the edge of it painted with bright blue paint to indicate it is a handicap ramp.

Once complete, disabled customers should be able to get in and out of your business with ease. This will ensure that you are getting as many customers as you possibly can at all times.