Getting Your Home Ready For A Rooftop Delivery

When the time arrives to replace your roof, one of the most dangerous, time-consuming aspects of roof replacement is moving roofing materials from the ground up to your roof. Packets of roofing shingles tend to be heavy and unwieldy; thus, carrying them up a ladder should be your last option. A better option is having your roofing supplier deliver shingles to the rooftop. If you like this option, you need to make sure your yard and roof are ready for it. 

Have Your Roof Inspected

During the process of a rooftop delivery, workers use a conveyor belt to move shingles up to your roof where they are stacked along the ridge line of your home. The worker on the roof of your house will make stacks of shingles, which means you will have a lot of weight in a small area. To make sure that your roof can sustain that much weight without collapsing, you should have your roof inspected. This is especially a good idea if you have an older home. 

Remove Old Shingles

Whether your roof can sustain the added weight of stacked shingle packets or not, you should remove your old shingles to cut down on weight. If you can handle the physical labor and are comfortable working on your roof, you do not need to hire out for this process. Old shingles should rip away from your roof as will the old tar paper. Make sure you have a construction dumpster on hand before you begin to rip away the old shingles so you don't end up with heaps of shingles all around your house. 

Lay Down Felt Paper

Tar-impregnated felt paper is the first line of defense for your roof. If you have a staple gun on hand, you can lay down your own tarpaper. Just make sure that you start at the bottom and make sure every new layer of tar paper overlaps the underlying layer by a few inches. You will also want to make sure that you don't rip holes in the tar paper as you set each staple. 

Having your shingles delivered to your rooftop should cut down on labor costs because you won't have to pay for workers to haul shingles from a spot on the ground to your rooftop. If you are doing your own roof, then rooftop delivery is still a good idea because you don't have to put yourself at risk as your carry materials up and down a later. Make sure you have a good roofing distributor company to help you out.