Protect Your Fence Posts To Prolong Your Fence Life

Wood is a material that is very vulnerable to the elements of nature. Sun, wind, rain and snow can all wear on a wooden fence over time. Wooden fences can be subject to rot. If the fence is used for security, these elements can cause the fence to become more vulnerable and it will be easier for an intruder to bypass it. if the fence is intended to provide security, the rot may create more openings that will reduce the benefits of such security measures. Eventually, you may need to replace a portion of your fence. However, it is important to repair the fence as soon as possible before the rot spreads to the rest of the fence. 

Replacing Rotten Fence Posts.

When it is time to replace a damaged portion of the fence, you should select lumber that is more rot-resistant. Pressure-treated lumber is filled with preservatives that will prevent the lumber from rotting. The downside is that pressure-treated wood is more expensive. The portion of the fence that is below ground is vulnerable to rot if it is not pressure-treated. Painting the fence will protect the portion of the fence that is above ground, but it will not protect the rest of the fence.

Protecting the Fence Posts From Rot

If you are concerned about how long the wooden posts embedded underground will last, consider using cedar posts. These posts have a reputation for lasting a long time. You will also want to improve drainage around the posts in order to reduce the amount of moisture that the posts will be exposed to. If your posts are not already treated, you can soak them with a preservative that contains copper napthanate. This treatment is designed to protect posts that are underground. 

Allowing For Drainage Away From The Posts

To make sure that the area around the fence post will drain, fill the hole with aggregate. Make sure that the post travels several inches into the aggregate. This will allow water to pass through when it rains and will cause the water to not remain in contact with the posts for as long. Also, you can pour concrete that is above soil level. The trough can be used to slope the soil so that water travels away from the posts rather than pooling near the base. Regardless of which methods you choose, you must find some way to protect your posts.

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