How To Set Your Bathroom Up To Include A Shower In The Center Of The Room

When construction experts set up a restroom, it is common to build a shower against one of the walls in the room. Often the shower is on the wall as soon as you walk into the restroom. Sometimes the shower will be separate from the tub, and other times there is a tub and shower combination, depending on the builder. If you wish to build your own bathroom, you should consider placing the shower in the center of the bathroom, rather than placing the shower on one of the walls. here are three ways to construct your bathroom with a center shower. 

Place the sinks on one side and the tub on the other

With a glass shower in the center of the room, you will have four walls to place your other bathroom needs. In order to keep the bathroom orderly, you should place the sinks on the side of the bathroom as soon as you enter. This will provide easy access when you are walking into the restroom to simply wash your hands or brush your teeth. On the opposite side of the room, place the tub. This way you will walk to the furthest side of the room in order to get into the tub. This will keep the tub from getting any splashes and protect it from any grime or mildew, as it may be the least used utility in the room. 

Make the shower completely glass

Instead of having any sort of metal surrounding the shower, make the shower frameless. A frameless shower is easiest to clean. You can utilize glass or shower cleaner in order to get the glass clean. A simple, regular cleaning will discourage the growth of mildew, and it will keep the glass from becoming foggy in any way. A frameless shower created by residential shower services also makes for a focal point that does not take away any space from the room. 

Place the toilet in a corner next to the sink

In order to keep the focal point of the room the more beautiful aspects, place the toilet on the same side of the room as the sink. A toilet in the corner next to the sink can obscure the toilet from view without needing to place it in its own room. Select a toilet that is attached to the wall, so that it takes up less room and is easier to clean. 

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