3 Tips For Caring For Wood Countertops

For homes with wood countertops, it can be common for the owner of the property to be unaware of the full range of steps that must be followed if the countertop is to be kept in good condition. Without following these steps, it can be easy for the countertop to suffer serious wear and tear that could shorten its lifespan and compromised its appearance.

Remove Stains With A Lemon Solution

Your countertop will face a seemingly endless source of potential stains. Whether this comes from spilled drinks, food particles or other items, it can seem like it will be impossible for you to be able to remove the stain from the wood. Luckily, you may be able to remove relatively fresh stains with a lemon juice solution. This solution can penetrate into the wood where it will be able to lift out the stain. For the best results, you should dilute the lemon juice with water as this will prevent the solution from being too acidic for the wood, and it can reduce any sticky residue that may be left behind.

Apply Sealants To Any Chips Or Splits In The Wood

Your wood countertop might eventually develop chips and splits in it. These issues may not be very serious matters at first, but it can be easy for the crack or split to spread throughout the wood. This can result in large sections of the countertop detaching. Preventing this outcome is a fairly simple process as you will only need apply a repair sealant to the damaged portion of the wood. These sealants can prevent water or other materials from entering through the opening in the wood while also strengthening it. After applying one of these sealants, you should wait several hours before using that portion of the counter to give it time to dry.

Avoid Letting The Wood Countertop Stay Wet For Long Periods Of Time

As with most other wood items, you will want to be very careful when it comes to exposing the countertop to water. Large amounts of water can seep into the wood where discoloration or rot may occur. While it will be necessary to use some water when you are cleaning the countertop, you should only use a damp washcloth for this work and immediately dry the wood after cleaning it. After wiping away the excess moisture, you may want to place a fan near the counter or open the closest window to help with drying the moisture that may have already seeped into the wood.

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