Are You Planning The Floors For Your New House?

Maybe you searched for the right house and you simply couldn't find one that met your needs. If that's the case, did you decide to design your own home and have it built for you? Do you have the floor plan already? If so, maybe you are deciding what kind of materials you will use in each room of your house. From wood flooring to other kinds of flooring, here are some ideas that might help you.

Wood Flooring

If you've been in home goods stores, you've more than likely seen the many kinds of wood floors that are available. Or, it might be that you went to a home and garden show and you saw different kinds of wood floors at the show. No matter where you have seen wood floors, you probably fell in love with them at first sight. Wood floors aren't just gorgeous. They're probably more affordable than you thought they would be, and they are easy to maintain. The bonus is that you'll have them for many years. 

Consider the kind of wood floors you want in your home. For example, for a rich and very elegant look, perhaps in the dining room and the living room, a deep brown wood would be a really great choice. In your kitchen and in the family room, maybe a lighter and more casual wood would be nice. Of course, if you want those rooms to have an elegant feeling, the dark wood would be perfect. 

Other Floors

While wood is beautiful, tile might make more sense for your bathrooms. Think of buying fun tiles for the kids' bathrooms. For example, tiles that have little fish as part of the design would be a good choice for both girls and boys. For the guest bathroom and for the master bathroom, consider selecting a more elegant kind of tile. Decide on whether you want subtle elegance or a more dramatic kind of elegance. For a subtle look, choose colors like light gray and off-white. For a dramatic look, pick jewel tones for the color of the tile.

Have you been thinking of having carpets in the bedrooms? That might be great for the guest room or for your master bedroom. However, consider going with wood floors in the children's bedrooms. Think of how the carpets might be damaged due to spills. Wood floors will be easier to clean up than carpet floors, won't they? 

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