Reasons You May Need An Emergency Plumber Through A Shelter-In-Place Order

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, millions of people across the planet were suddenly told that they needed to shelter in place. Most schools were closed and a lot of businesses shut down as well, which led to more families in more households just having to stay at home. As good as it may be to get an unexpected extended vacation, sheltering in place means every member of your household is forced to be all within the walls of the same home and constantly using the home's plumbing system. Here are a few reasons why you may need an emergency plumber during such a time. 

Your shower and bath drains are not rightly protected and get clogged. 

Hair is like the bath drain's number-one enemy, and it is hard to avoid. With everyone now showering and bathing fully at home, it is easy for the drainage lines to get overloaded. If your showers and baths don't have a capturing screen to collect all that hair so it doesn't end up in the drain, it could cause a need for an emergency plumber. Drain clogs in showers and baths are one of the biggest reasons people have to call for rapid assistance from a plumber. 

Toilet use among household members generates an issue with a backup. 

Toilet use may not be something you normally think about during the few hours you have at home with everyone, but during a shelter-in-place order, you could be more prone to experiencing a toilet backup. Flushing loads of toilet paper down the toilet is the typical cause for a backup, and flushing wet wipes and paper towels can make the problem worse. 

More cooking means drain problems caused by bad habits in the kitchen. 

More time at home means more meals prepared in the kitchen for most people. Among your usual preparations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is easy to cause some plumbing issues if you're not careful. An overload of food scraps in your garbage dispenser, anything clunky in your regular drains like grease or gravy, and more people in the kitchen preparing food than usual can mean heightened risks of a problem. The number of calls to an emergency plumber tend to go up during the holidays because there are so many people concentrated in one home and so much cooking taking place. Similar circumstances are present during a shelter-in-place situation, so drainage issues are highly possible. 

If you are experiencing any unforeseen drain or plumbing issues, contact an emergency plumbing service like Marv's Plumbing as soon as possible.