Keeping Fleet Vehicle Drivers On Track With Green Driving Practices

If you own a fleet service, tracking your employees on the roadways and making sure customers receive their goods are probably at the top of your concerns. While your drivers are making deliveries, they are contributing to the emissions and pollution present in the air. Since your company handles a large number of vehicles, doing your best to reduce pollution contributing factors is best for the environment. Here are some tips to give to your fleet drivers in an attempt to have them drive as green as possible while out on fleet jobs.

How To Conceal A Small Water Stain On Your Ceiling

If you have a small water leak upstairs, such as that which would occur if a toilet or bathtub overflowed, the ceiling below the leak probably has some staining. In most cases, there is no need to replace the ceiling. You can conceal the water damage by following these instructions. Supplies you'll need: 1 gallon of oil-based primer 1 - 2 gallons of ceiling paint in your color of choice 1 small container of joint compound 1 roll of joint tape A putty knife A paint brush or roller Sandpaper Directions:

Kitchen Habits That Are Destroying Your Sink

The kitchen sink becoming clogged makes it hard to cook, wash dishes, and a host of other activities. The main reasons that kitchen sinks breakdown is due to food buildup and other habits that can clog the sinks plumbing. Here are some of the bad habits that you need to stop in order to reclaim your sinks health. Allowing grease down the drain Some people pour cooking grease and oil directly down the drain, while others will wash the oil away from the pans during dish time.

Common Washer And Dryer Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

The average washer and dryer set should last you for up to 15 years with proper care and normal use. If you want your units to stand the test of time, learn how to recognize symptoms that require attention so you can perform repairs as needed and keep these appliances running strong. Common dryer problems Taking forever to dry If you find yourself restarting a semi-dry load time and time again but the clothes appear warm, your dryer may have an issue with the vent.

Unclogging Your Dishwasher Hose In 3 Easy Steps

Over time, all of the small food particles and other debris that are washed off your plates can clog your dishwasher's drainage hose. As a result, you may find that your dishwasher no longer drains as quickly as it once did, or worse yet, you may find that it has stopped working all together. While you may assume that repairing this problem will require the assistance of a plumber, the truth is, this simple repair can often be completed on a do-it-yourself basis.