Fall – The Perfect Time For Pruning Your Apple Trees

If you have an apple tree that isn't shaped quite like you desire, now is the perfect time to prune it. Pruning is best done during the late fall when the tree is dormant. Not only can pruning help to improve the shape of your tree, but it will also help it to produce more apples next growing season. Below, you will find out how to prune your apple tree properly.

4 Benefits Of Using Fiber Cement Siding To Protect Your Home's Exterior

Many homeowners like to do other things on the weekends besides working on their homes to get them ready for winter while the weather is still nice. Fiber cement siding is a product that can help you free up your time to enjoy other things like talking walks in the autumn and watching kids play soccer and football. Here are 4 benefits of using fiber cement siding over other traditional forms of siding.

Important Commercial Roofing Considerations

Have you been looking for a new pre-built location for your business, but you're now considering simply having one constructed just for you by a company like Bell Roof Co? Have you decided what sort of roofing materials that your new building will use? Because it keeps out the rain and other precipitation, your building's roof is extremely important. Here are some things you should know about commercial roofing: The roof may need to be sloped: If you like the look of flat commercial roofing, you may still need to consider a slight slope in order to allow for water drainage.

How To Conceal A Small Water Stain On Your Ceiling

If you have a small water leak upstairs, such as that which would occur if a toilet or bathtub overflowed, the ceiling below the leak probably has some staining. In most cases, there is no need to replace the ceiling. You can conceal the water damage by following these instructions. Supplies you'll need: 1 gallon of oil-based primer 1 - 2 gallons of ceiling paint in your color of choice 1 small container of joint compound 1 roll of joint tape A putty knife A paint brush or roller Sandpaper Directions:

Kitchen Habits That Are Destroying Your Sink

The kitchen sink becoming clogged makes it hard to cook, wash dishes, and a host of other activities. The main reasons that kitchen sinks breakdown is due to food buildup and other habits that can clog the sinks plumbing. Here are some of the bad habits that you need to stop in order to reclaim your sinks health. Allowing grease down the drain Some people pour cooking grease and oil directly down the drain, while others will wash the oil away from the pans during dish time.