Keeping Your Seawall In Good Working Order

If you have ocean or lakefront property or live on a river, there is a good chance that you have a seawall on your property. A seawall is your protection from the powerful force of crashing waves, rising tides, or flooding rivers. Not only does a properly placed and constructed seawall protect your home and property, it prevents soil erosion. Soil erosion can lead to landslides or entire slabs of your property just washing away.

3 Restaurant Boiler And Pipe Issues That Could Spell Trouble

If you've got a boiler inside your restaurant, you may not spend much time near it because you're working hard on getting your food to your customers. It's easy to overlook early signs that the boiler might be on its way out, but if your restaurant's boiler or heating system is exhibiting any of the signs below, it may need attention from a professional. Any Noise It is natural to assume that the gurgling, hissing and knocking sounds your boiler makes are normal, especially if you bought the restaurant from another owner who never mentioned any problems with the appliance.

What Traits Should I Look For In A Land Surveyor?

You may only need to hire a land surveyor a few times in your life, so knowing what to look for in a good land surveyor may not come naturally. Here are some signs that you've found a great land surveying company.  They Can Provide a Reasonable Quote Cost may be one of the first factors that you look at. When you're comparing land survey quotes, be sure that you're comparing against a standard set of services.

Options, Options, Options: What Your Choices Are When Looking At Rotary Screw Compressors For Sale

If your only rotary screw compressor just kicked the bucket, you are probably in the market for a new one. As you begin your search for rotary screw compressors for sale, you may be quite surprised at just how many different options and compressors are available in this category. Here is a sampling for you to choose from when you are trying to track down your next compressor, and why the options you choose could determine what you accomplish with this tool.

3 Reasons To Install Security Shutters At Your Business

If you own a business with a storefront or windows that allow the public to see inside, you likely take at least some security precautions each time you lock up at night. But if people can still see inside the building and take a look at your sales floor or other expensive merchandise and equipment, your business could still be viewed as an opportunity for thieves. If you're looking for more protection than just throwing a padlock on the doors, perhaps it's time to consider the installation of security shutters.